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Event taking place April 11-13 in Tampa

Outsell announced today that its Vice President of Marketing, Valerie Vallancourt, will moderate a panel about maximizing marketing ROI at the Digital Dealer 22 conference, taking place April 11-13 in Tampa, Fla.

Panel participants include Kristy Elliott, Dealer/Operator at Sunshine Chevrolet; Billy Frank, General Manager at Clear Lake Infiniti; and David Kain, President, Kain Automotive Group.

As dealers move into the second quarter of 2017, now it’s a good time for them to reflect and re-adjust their marketing efforts. With a multitude of initiatives competing for a limited pool of dollars, dealers should to take a hard look at their marketing strategy. Many are ditching traditional marketing – such as newspaper and radio ads – and going completely digital. That’s because unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing can easily be personalized, works great on mobile devices, and most importantly, it’s measurable so dealers know what return they are getting for every dollar spent.

Attendees will learn about:

  • Marketing initiatives that deliver the best return for dealers.
  • The newest marketing technologies and benefits for dealerships.
  • The criteria to evaluate digital marketing vendors.
  • An overview of what dealers should be thinking about from a strategic marketing perspective.

Moderator: Valerie Vallancourt, Vice President of Marketing at Outsell. Panelists: Kristy Elliott, Dealer/Operator at Sunshine Chevrolet; Billy Frank, General Manager at Clear Lake Infiniti; and David Kain, President, Kain Automotive Group.

“How Dealerships Can Maximize Their Marketing Budget Returns”

Digital Dealer 22

Wednesday, April 12, 2017 from 10:00-10:50 am ET

Outsell is proud to be a sponsor for the DrivingSales Presidents Club event this weekend, Sunday April 9 thru Monday April 10 at the Grand Hyatt in New York City.

The DrivingSales Presidents Club is a forum for innovative dealers and general managers to collaborate in shaping the future of automotive retail. This event allows dealers to engage with their peers, who are pioneering new practices for their stores and groups. In depth discussion and interactive workshops allow for a deeper dive into maintaining the health of dealer businesses.

What dealers will learn:
• Profit-building strategies from a leadership perspective
• How to maximize your business in the current retail environment
• Understanding structural models used by the most progressive dealers
• Intimate collaboration with the industry’s most progressive dealership executives

As one of the attending sponsors, Outsell hopes to learn valuable insights from this event from participating dealers on what concerns they are facing, what some of them are doing to stay ahead of the current shift in the industry, and how we can work together for a successful 2017.

Learn more about the DrivingSales Presidents Club.

Learn how to increase consumer engagement with new dealer marketing strategies

Outsell announced today that it is hosting a webinar with DrivingSales on the topic, “Maximize Customer Retention and Expand Reach with Marketing Automation,” on Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 12:00 pm Eastern.

Matthew Welch, General Manager of Auburn Volkswagen, joins Outsell and DrivingSales for this webinar to discuss the changing nature of digital marketing and how auto dealers can maximize customer retention and expand their reach by utilizing marketing automation.

In this webinar, dealers will learn best practices on how to maximize their digital marketing efforts by hearing:

  • What Auburn Volkswagen does to address customer retention.
  • How to increase service retention and maximize customer retention using marketing automation.
  • What marketers need to do to succeed as new and emerging channels change the scope of digital marketing.

Panelists: Matthew Welch, General Manager at Auburn Volkswagen; Valerie Vallancourt, Vice President of Marketing at Outsell; Adam Shiflett, Senior Director of Marketing at DrivingSales. Moderator: Kara Neureuther, Digital Marketing Manager at DrivingSales

Maximize Customer Retention and Expand Reach with Marketing Automation

Your computer

Tuesday, March 14, 2017 at 12:00 – 1:00 pm Eastern

To register for the free event or if you have questions, please visit: http://www.outsell.com/events/


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